2007 Markus Molitor Zeltinger Sonnen Uhr Kabinett

008I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to ordering wine online but recently I decided to order a few bottles online. One of the wines I bought at TheCorkAndBottle  was a Riesling from famous German vintner Markus Molitor.  The wine cost 23.99$ + shipping. And with this Riesling we have a first here at winetalks – a white wine review! So let’s get started!

100% Riesling grapes from the famous Mosel area in Germany. Mixed sources on whether the wine aged in stainless steel or in oak. The bottle image doesn’t say anything about that matter either.Pretty low ABV of just 11.5%. On the nose pear, lime and green apple. Pale yellow color. High amount of acidity. Wine was rather mineralic. Long finish.

Pretty good wine with an unpronounceable name. The wine is labeled as Kabinet (a German wine classification/appellation).

Fellow blogger Julian from Vino in Love has some tasting notes for this wine as well. You can find them here. If you like German Rieslings you might want to go over to TheWineGetter – a blog that has a bunch of German Riesling reviews.  That’s all for today!