2004 Tezza Amarone – Or Wine Buying In Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago, one of my business trips took me to Pittsburgh, PA where I experienced something quite weird. In Pittsburgh there seemed to be no wine shops. Instead one of my clientsI went with me “wine shopping” after work at the a store of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. (PLCB) Now I think that no state should regulate the selection of wine because this reminds me of Soviet communism. I believe the state should never regulate the availability of certain goods. Anyways, so we went to this PLCB store because the next day I was invited to a party where I was supposed to bring a (good) bottle of wine. and I have to say that the selection was quite disappointing. I’m so happy that I don’t have to buy wine in Pennsylvania everyday!

The problem I had was that the wines where either really crappy or completely overpriced. At the end I went with a 2004 Tezza Amarone del Valpolicella. I used my phone to do a quick winery check because I was not familiar with Tezza and I wanted to know a little about the wine I was going to take to the party – the store employees weren’t very competent..

Tezza 2004 Amarone retails at PLCB for $49.99 + tax. An okay price compared to most other wines the store carried.

The next day I brought the Amarone to the party where we uncorked it right away. We gave the wine 90 minutes of breathing. The Tezza Amarone has an intense ruby red color. The wine has very strong oak aromas – caramel, cocoa, tobacco – but also red fruits. On the palate, very dry with pleasing tannins. Medium-bodied and easy-to-drink. Wine still tastes quite young with fruit notes. Strong acidity and even stronger alcohol notes. Long finish.

I don’t think i will buy this wine again – at least not for $50 but the wine did it’s job. It was alright for the occasion but next time I’m invited to a party I make sure that I don’t buy the wine in Pennsylvania.

Have you had similar wine buying experiences?


2007 Begali Lorenzo Amarone di Valpolicella Classico Monte Ca Bianca

First post! Starting with an Amarone di Valpolicella Classico from Begali Lorenzo. Great producer if you ask me. They make quite good Amarone I think. A bottle of this Amarone costs 40$ on average. For an Amarone that’s not a whole lot.

Amarone 2007 On the nose the wine convinced with blackberry jam ripe cherries, some minerals and caramel. The palate was dry and full of flavors. I tasted the same cherry that was on the nose but there was also dark chocolate. Amarone di Valpolicella Classico from Begali Lorenzo is full-bodied and the wine has quite a long finish. I still tasted some of the notes 10 minutes after the last sip! Was quite amazing.

The wine is ideal for the holiday season. If you’re interested in buying this wine I recommend going to wine-searcher. Wine-searcher shows a variety of retailers who offer it. What about you? Do you enjoy Amarone wine? Who is your favorite Amarone vintner?