WineTalks is back, Wine Readings #3

WineTalks is officially back!

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. Life got in the middle and I simply didn’t have the time to blog but now things look better again! You might remember my wine reading (part 1, part 2) series where I share interesting posts with you.

During my “blogging-free” time I read lots of interesting posts and today I will share the most interesting ones with you! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do and please let me know what you think about the topics.

Wine recommendation of the week

wine fo the week

SassyTuscan Vines
Tuscan Vines wrote a great post about one of my favorite wines from Tuscany: Sassicaia! A must-try wine.

Event of the week

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #2Armchairsommelier 
Armchairsommelier is hosting a monthly wine writing challenge. This month’s theme is ‘trouble’. If you like writing competitions and this is for you!

Interesting review

Keeping the Flor AliveFoxress
A great post about Sherry. What’s your opinion on Sherry?

Article of the week

Are the Prosecco Police Stepping Out of Line? – Joe Errington
Joe wrote a fantastic post about the shadow sides of Prosecco. The article focuses on Italy’s Prosecco turf war with Croatia and on the Italian Prosecco Police led by Andrea Battistella. 

That’s all for today! But before I forget to say it: Winetalks joined Twitter today! If you follow me then I will follow you back 🙂


Wine Readings #2

I have a few interesting readings for you that I stumbled over this week.

Interesting read of the week

  1. Robert Parker on the Past, Present and Future of Wine – Food & Wine
    Very good article about the life of Robert Parker
  2. Why Chardonnay is back in Fashion – Telegraph
    If you want to know why Chardonnay is booming again then this article is for you.

Blind tasting of the week

  1. Perfect Winter Fare – Shiraz and Cassoulet – Talk A Vino
    You like blind tasttings? So does Talk A Vino. Read about his Shiraz blind tasting experience.

Food matching of te week

  1. 5 Tips to Perfect Food and Wine Pairings – Wine Folly. 

There wasn’t that much going on this week and I also spent a few days out of town were I was unable to look fur interesting readings therefore all I have for you today are these four articles. If you haven’t red them already then make sure to check them out.


Wine Readings #1

Today I want to start something new here at Winetalks. Each week (probably every Thursday or so) I want to share with you a few posts, articles or wine reviews that I find worth reading. It simply would take way too much posts (and space) to reblog all of them so I plan to only reblog posts on rare occasions from now on. Since this blog is called Winetalks I want to talk with you about these topics. So feel free to comment on any or all of them. The categories won’t be the same every week. Depends on what I’ve red.

Wine recommendations of the week

wine fo the week

  1. VinItaly International/Slow Wine NYC 2013: The Full Story – Flora’s Table 

    Stefano has over 15 high-quality Italian wine recommendations for you. And that in just one article! Which one is your favorite?

  2. Three good-value wine recommendations – The Winegetter
    Oliver always impresses me with his good-value wine recommendations  All available for under $15. If you are looking for good and affordable wine then this is for you.

Event of the week

  1. Italian Wine Tales in Houston, TX.  – Gambero Rosso
    If you live in the Houston area then this event might be something for you. The Gambero Rosso is coming to Houston for the first time ever where they will offer two seminars. One about Italian sparkling wine and one about red wines from Tuscany.

Interesting read

  1. Wine in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kawa & Vino
    I know this post is not from this week but I just found it recently. If you want to read about wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina then you will enjoy this read. I’ve never had wine from Bosnia. Have you?

Disappointment of the week


  1. E. & J. Gallo Winery and Constellation Brands named wineries of the year 2012 – Wine Searcher
    In my opinion this is a poor choice but it probably shows how poor the American wine market is. There are so many wineries that deserve the award much more than E. & J. Gallo. What do you think? Does E. & J. Gallo deserve this award?

Article of the week


  1. The History of the Super Tuscan Vino in Love
    Julian wrote an interesting article about the history of Super Tuscans. Straight to the point. Definitely worthreading, especially if you want to know more about Tuscan wines. His knowledge about Italian wine impresses me over and over again. What’s your opinion on Super Tuscans?  I personally never had one but yesterday I ordered a bottle of Tignanello! So exciting!