Wine Readings #2

I have a few interesting readings for you that I stumbled over this week.

Interesting read of the week

  1. Robert Parker on the Past, Present and Future of Wine – Food & Wine
    Very good article about the life of Robert Parker
  2. Why Chardonnay is back in Fashion – Telegraph
    If you want to know why Chardonnay is booming again then this article is for you.

Blind tasting of the week

  1. Perfect Winter Fare – Shiraz and Cassoulet – Talk A Vino
    You like blind tasttings? So does Talk A Vino. Read about his Shiraz blind tasting experience.

Food matching of te week

  1. 5 Tips to Perfect Food and Wine Pairings – Wine Folly. 

There wasn’t that much going on this week and I also spent a few days out of town were I was unable to look fur interesting readings therefore all I have for you today are these four articles. If you haven’t red them already then make sure to check them out.


5 thoughts on “Wine Readings #2

  1. WineTalks is back, Wine Readings #3 – Wine Talks

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