2004 Grupo La Rioja Alta S.A. Vina Ardanza Reserva – Spain

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in the last few days. Once again I was out of town for work. One of the good things about these business trips is that we always eat well in fantastic restaurants. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t write a restaurant review blog! We tried a few great wines in the last days and my favorite was a Rioja DOC from Spanish winery Grupo La Rioja Alta S.A. – a very large cooperative that consists of five wineries.

The 2004 Vina Ardanza Reserva is a blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Granacha. The wine aged 36 months in small oak barrels (barriques). Cherry red color; 13.6% ABV. Very intense nose with tobacco, blackberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, and coconut. On the palate medium to full-bodied. Well-balanced with strong tannins (maybe a bit too strong). Long finish with elegant aftertaste.

Almost a perfect Rioja. Only the tannins were too strong for my personal taste. Some of my colleagues said the tannins were just fine while others agreed with me. I guess you have to find out yourself! Let me know your thoughts on Vina Ardanza.


2 thoughts on “2004 Grupo La Rioja Alta S.A. Vina Ardanza Reserva – Spain

    • Thanks for commenting.
      I think I will review a few restaurants in the next weeks – at least I plan to do so now.
      Dining in very good restaurants is one of the best things about business trips 🙂

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