Wine Enthusiast or Wine Spectator ? Which one can you recommend to me?

Yes you red right – I’m looking to subscribe to a one of these magazines (the print edition). I’ve red both of them and enjoyed both equally so that’s why I’m asking you! Which one do you recommend me to subscribe to? Maybe you’re of the belief that might it be better not to subscribe at all? Whatever your opinion on this is I want to know it =)

I don’t really care for wine ratings in wine spectator since I find most of them to be biased but the articles are quite well-written.
Wine Enthusiast seems to have less biased wine reviews in my opinion so I really can’t decide.

For those of you who don’t know two the magazines here is a quick link to each.
Wine Enthusiast
Wine Spectator

That’s all for now! I’m looking forward to read your suggestions!


18 thoughts on “Wine Enthusiast or Wine Spectator ? Which one can you recommend to me?

  1. I got a subscription to the Wine Spectator through a rewards program last fall. I have to say I am quite unimpressed. There are some good articles, but a third of the magazine is taken up by glossy advertisements (kinda like a Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan for old dudes; plus, I am puzzled that half of those advertisements are for European wines and the advertisement is in part paid for by the European Union…), another other third is taken up by their wine recommendations (which you say you don’t care that much for). I enjoy their opinion pieces, but those can usually be found on the website. I will not renew my subscription when it comes up.

    I don’t know the Wine Enthusiast well, I just shy away from it because somehow its “Best Wine” stickers always end up on bad wine bottles…

    • Why would the European Union advertise in the United States? That makes little sense haha.
      The way you describe Wine Spectator, it seems like an ad and wine rating magazine.
      Thank you for your commenting, Oliver.

      • Yeah, just my impression. Plus, I don’t like it when highly priced wines get funds from the European Union to advertise their products. Another instance of wasteful EU spending…

      • Well maybe more EU-products (in this case wine) are bought outside of the EU, which would be good for the economy. Of course the cost for these ads should not to be too high, otherwise I really wouldn’t see a sense in it.

  2. I personally like Wine Spectator – they have a lot of interesting articles besides just the wine reviews – chef profiles, articles about other foods, restaurant profiles, recipes – lots of interesting info. Yes, they have an advertizement – but the print magazine is supposed to exist somehow, so advertizement is pretty much the only way. I also like their broad international coverage.
    Never cared much for Wine Enthusiast.

    • Thank you for commenting, talkavino.
      I would mostly be interested in chef profiles, recipes and background stories. I wouldn’t care for their ratings.

      Have you had a bad experience with Wine Enthusiast?

      • I can’t claim any bad experience with WE. I flipped through the pages a few times, and nothing clicked…

  3. I get Enthusiast (I got a three year subscription for $10), and it is alright. I used to get the Spectator. I read neither for the reviews but more for the interesting stories and travel ideas. In my mind, Spectator does a better job at that.

  4. I have an electronic subscription to WS which I do not get to use very often and I occasionally get sent a paper issue of the magazine, which sometimes has interesting stories in it. I don’t have any experience with WE, so I am afraid I am going to be no use for the purpose of your comparison!

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