2009 Caduceus Cellars Sancha – Arizona

Yes your red right – I’m about to write about a wine from the desert state Arizona. Maybe some didn’t know but vines actually grow quite well in Arizona and the wine production history of the state dates back to the 16th century.

Around half a year a go I got a bottle of Nagual de Naga from Cadeceus Cellars as a present. According to the winery’s website the vintage is sold out. The 2010 vintage retails for 60$.

The wine is produced with Tempranillo and Grenache grapes that are planted in Cochise County, Arizona.

Sancha had a dark ruby red color. I smelled blackberry, dark ripe cherry, blueberry, cocoa, cinnamon and licorice. The nose scored a 10/10 for me. On the palate the wine was very dry with some dark fruit notes. Sancha was full-bodied. Tannins were strong. I found the finish to be pretty long. A little bit too dry for my taste but otherwise perfect. 9/10 for the palate.

Perfect wine for any occasion. A little bit pricy but all in all top-notch stuff! This was my first good wine from Arizona. Hopefully I find a few more great wines from there. If you got any recommendations let me know!



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