2008 Agriverde Solarea

Last Mai I had the opportunity to travel to Italy where I was able to visit a few wineries. I stayed with my wife three nights at the Agriverde Realis del Vino Resort where we not only had a great time enjoying the beautiful countryside but we also were able to try a few of their wines. Plateo, a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is their most well-known and primary wine. We decided to take some bottles back with us to the states. Recently I uncorked a bottle of the 2008 vintage of Agriverde’s Solarea. The wine is produced with the same grapes as the Plateo is: 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. It’s worth knowing that Agriverde only produces wines which are certified as organic which means that their wines follow strict European Union laws. The wine aged 18 months in french oak and american oak of which 50% were new oak and 50% old oak. Before being released on the market the wine stayed additional 18 months in the bottle.

Let’s get to the tasting notes. Solarea has an intense ruby red color. Red cherries, tobacco, wild berries, cinnamon, and roasted coffee on the nose. The palate was dry and warm. I tasted blackcurrant and dark chocolate. Solarea was of medium body. The finish was not as long as I hoped it would be but it was still pleasing. The wine retails for around 20$ (depending on the conversion rate). I have two bottles left and I’m looking very much forward to try them. Haven’t had the chance to try their Plateo but maybe I’ll find a store or online-shop selling it here in the states. 


2 thoughts on “2008 Agriverde Solarea

  1. Honestly I think that the Plateo is a lot better than the Solarea. It’s a bit more pricey but it’s worth the extra money.
    Great that you had a chance to visit Agriverde!

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